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employment opportunities
Employment Opportunities
If you are interested in working for MDA, send your resume, cover letter, and three letters of recommendation to our Human Resources Department.

HR Coordinator
Living in Panama
Living in Panama can be an exciting adventure. Whether you are looking for a new cultural experience, or just ready for a change of scenery, Panama may be the perfect option. It is a beautiful country with warm weather year-round and a diverse ecosystem. There are many activities and attractions for a wide array of interests ranging from eco-tourism and sports to cultural events and entertainment. Travel in and around Panama is also exceptional. Its location makes travelling to other countries in Latin America easy and affordable. Although the official language in Panama is Spanish, many locals can speak English. Getting acquainted with a few key words and phrases in Spanish is recommended.
Being an MDA Educator
Working at an Orthodox Jewish school in Panama can be a culturally enriching experience. Due to the integrated Jewish and secular education, teachers at MDA are expected to provide all instruction in English (except Spanish and Hebrew class) and incorporate Jewish customs, traditions, and history into the curriculum. The majority of our staff members are not Jewish; however, they quickly become knowledgeable about Judaism due to our exceptional Judaic Department. All students attend daily Hebrew and Judaic Studies classes, and prayer or "Tefillah". MDA is a kosher school; therefore, all meals are provided to staff on campus.
Staff Development
MDA has a strong commitment to ongoing professional development for staff to enhance professional skills and practices, and ultimately the quality of education offered to students. Professional Development (PD) opportunities are an important aspect of any educator’s career. This is true both on an individual level as well as on a school level. In order to support this individual growth, staff members will be part of regular staff meetings and internal professional development opportunities each Wednesday throughout the school year. Additionally, staff members are encouraged and supported to seek external professional development opportunities.
What employees say about us
"In my 40+ years in the work force, I can honestly say this is the best group of people I have worked with. At MDA, we are more than colleagues and co-workers; we are a family who genuinely care for and care about each other. We truly have something special here."
Sandey Stayanoff
"Working at MDA has been one of the most enriching professional experiences I have ever had. The MDA staff is an extension to my family. It is not just a job; it is one that that touches my heart."
Valerie Delarosa