In order to ensure fair and timely responses to admissions applications, MDA has developed an admissions procedure that is listed below. Should you need any help with the admissions process, please do not hesitate to contact us: admissions@magendavidacademy.org

The Admissions process at MDA is a six steps process. Please refer to this document for your guidance.
  1. Screening: Security process to check references through the local / international community
    and / or synagogue.
  2. Tour: Meet with our Head of School, Judaic Director and Principals to find out about all that
    MDA has to offer.
  3. Application: Submit the Application for Enrollment form with the support documents listed in “Student File Contents”.
  4. Testing: Once we have received and reviewed your Application for Enrollment with all documents, we will set up a time for admissions testing and family and student interviews.
  5. Decision: This will be made by the Admission ́s Committee. All decisions are formally sent by email only.
  6. Enrollment: Documentation, payment and others related to start a great school year!
Important Information:
All students applying to MDA are required to pay a non-refundable $50 application fee and a $100 (PK3- 1st Grade) or $150 (2nd grade and up) admissions testing fee before being accepted to MDA. Parents are responsible for paying all fees related to the admissions process.
The following documents must be included with the student Application for Enrollment form, in order to complete the Admissions Process.
  • MDA Application for Enrollment
  • Letter from Synagogue (Shevet Ahim or Beth El). Parents must provide original the day of the interview.
  • MDA Health and Emergency Form
  • MDA Certificate of Immunization Form (signed by pediatrician) OR copy of Official Vaccination Report
  • Two MDA Teacher Recommendation Form, for applicants from 1st grade up. These should be sent directly to MDA from the school.
  • Report card and/or progress report for applicants from Early Childhood (PK3, PK4 and Kinder)
  • Two years of grades (current report card and previous two years’ report card). Students applying in grades 4 or higher must include all report cards from 1st grade up).
  • 2 passport size photo. Parent must provide originals the day of the interview.
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Copy of ID (Cédula for Panamanians and Passport for foreign applicants)
  • Copy of Parent ́s IDs (Cédula for Panamanians and Passport for foreign applicants)
  • Conduct Report from previous School (Carta de Buena Conducta)
  • Certification of clear financial record at past school (Paz y Salvo)
MEDUCA, the Panamanian Education Department, has additional requirements for paperwork coming from outside of Panama. Please note, these requirements are not specific to MDA, but required by the Panamanian government.
If you are coming from a foreign country and your child is applying for 1st grade or higher, please complete the following steps in this order to comply with Panamanian requirements:
In your country of origin:
• Authentication or apostille student grades from 1st grade up in the country where the reports were given.
In Panama:
  • If the student's transcripts are in English or another language, have them translated into Spanish by a certified Panamanian translator. Check to make sure the translator places his/her official seal/stamp on the translated material.
  • Have the consul’s signature on the transcripts authenticated by the Panama Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores de Panama) in Plaza Sun Tower on Avenida Ricardo J. Alfaro (Tumba Muerto) above the National Bank of Panama. Telephone number: 511-4045 or 511-4046.
  • Take the authenticated transcripts to the Validation Department (Departamento de Convalidación) of MEDUCA (Ministry of Education) on Ave. Las Américas in La Chorrera. Telephone number: 253-3542.
Enrollment Committee Decision
The MDA Enrollment Committee meets to review each applicant. During this meeting, the committee will determine one of the following statuses for students:
  1. Recommendation for enrollment
  2. Conditional recommendation for enrollment (the student will be enrolled, but certain requirements need to be met to help ensure student success)
  3. Waitlisted (students are waitlisted when there are not spaces available for the appropriate grade level which the student is applying to)
  4. Denial of enrollment- if MDA does not feel that it can meet the student’s needs or that the student is not a good fit for MDA, the student will be denied enrollment
To formalize enrollment, several steps and documentation will be provided for your knowledge and signature.
  • Initial payment
  • MEDUCA contract signed
  • School-Home Handbook
  • Transportation contract
  • Complete application with all support documents
  • Determination of the first day of school
Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact
our Admissions Department
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MDA Steps for Admissions
MDA Application for Enrollment
MDA Health and Emergency Form
MDA Certificate of Immunization Form 
MDA Teacher Recommendation Form

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