Magen David Academy recognizes the diverse needs of children and adolescents. MDA employs psychologists, counselors, and learning support specialists to address the needs of our school community.

The Student Support Services department is able to provide the following services to enhance student achievement and adjustment.

Counseling Services


The elementary school psychologist supports the academic, social and emotional needs of elementary students at MDA. The psychologist offers classroom lessons and support services for students and families as they manage issues of studying and engaging in the school community. The goal is to promote personal well-being, healthy relationships and the successful balance of academic, extracurricular and community involvement for MDA students.

Middle and high school guidance and counseling services support students in the development of their unique learning styles and personal growth. Classroom and parent programs are designed to help students and families work within the context of the school and the community. In middle school there is an advisory program that guides the students in their academic, personal, emotional and career awareness growth. In the high school, an organized and systematic approach to academic counseling supports students in the development of a four-year plan to attain entry to the desired colleges around the world. Individual and family presentations help with preparation of excellent college admissions applications and career planning.



Learning Support Services


Primary and secondary learning support teachers consult with teachers, parents, and other school personnel in order to maximize student achievement. Students admitted to MDA should be able to function successfully within the regular classroom program while receiving minimal assistance from Support Services personnel and within the parameters of the support MDA is able to provide.



Student Health Services


MDA’s health clinic is staffed by a registered nurse who provides services to all students. A log of all treatment is kept, and parents are notified in the event of any serious illness or injury. The nurse works under the standing orders of a medical doctor to provide school appropriate services. Parents can refer to the School-Home Handbook for complete health policies and procedures.



College Counseling Services


MDA employs a full-time college counselor who supports the students in their acquisition of the knowledge, attitudes and skills that support college readiness and are congruent with a college-going culture. Early access to Advanced Placement courses and ASPIRE Pathways support students’ college readiness by exposing them to college-level standards and course rigor while still in high school. The college counselor communicates regularly with all school faculty to provide academic support to students across all subject areas. Subsequently, the counselor coordinates opportunities for the students to take all AP exams after the completion of their course, as well as college entrance exams such as the SAT throughout the year.


With the support of the college counselor, students begin to explore their potential career interests and make connections between their course content and their eventual career paths.

Students meet with the college counselor both individually and in groups to discuss college and career plans, answer questions, and create a “roadmap” for the future. In a group setting students can relate to one another about the stresses and anxieties they experience related to the college-going process, as well as support each other in finding solutions or processing difficult feelings. Outside of the classroom setting, students can meet 1:1 with the counselor to receive individualized support tailored uniquely to each student. Additionally, the college counselor coordinates opportunities for students to meet university admissions counselors from around the world, by taking students to college fairs and by bringing admissions counselors to MDA to meet with students.

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